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“Kumusha is the term used by the Shona people to denote home or origins. Kumusha literally means, “Our Home.”

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We believe that spaces are sanctuaries for both the body and mind. We offer well-designed, luxurious leather accessories for your home or office. With modern, functional designs on clean, beautiful leather, our products make your home or office a space you love to be in.

We have set ourselves apart with our unique designs, high-quality materials, and excellent craftsmanship. Our collection of leather accessories is a fresh and modern take on the classic leather aesthetic.

Each item is carefully selected for function, beauty and design. Each piece in this collection has been chosen with care. Our decor and accessories are made from the finest leather to create a luxurious look throughout your space.

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Est. 2019

Our Story

Guidance & Bongeka Kandemiiri

In 2019 I met an old retiree who introduced me to leather. He was a very progressive man who had many great stories about how fulfilling leather was but he lamented that young people don’t want to learn the old ways of artisanal work anymore.

He told me about how fulfilling it was for him to create something with his hands and that he gives himself completely to the task at hand.

I was intrigued by the stories he told of his past and wanted to know more about this man’s experiences. That is when I decided to dive into the world of leather, in search for old craftsmanship I could learn from and share with my generation to come.

We bought our first home and decided to merge our passions, marrying our leather aesthetic with the home we love. We knew that since both of us love leather, it would work perfectly in our home. From there Kumusha was born!

We wanted everyone who loves their home and office to enjoy the timelessness of leather with modern design and beauty. A living space should be a reflection of its owners and we strive to create inviting spaces that are a part of YOUR story.
Kumusha is proud to be a family-owned and operated company, that strives to redefine the meaning of “home and office” by merging a unique, timeless aesthetic with modern design and contemporary beauty.

We believe that leather adds not only style but also quality and character to any space. By combining leather with other materials we strive to create products that comfort our customers and give their homes the warmth and natural feel they so desire. Our designs are inspired by the homes and offices we love and want to create timeless pieces that bring life into your space. We focus on functionality, comfort, durability, and quality in our inventory.