Why do we honour and insist on sewing our leather products by hand?

Our Quality Promise

Why hand-stitching gives us better quality

The leather sewing machine is widely used in leather, it is a kind of lock stitch machine. It adopts a flat needle and slitting knife to make holes and cut threads simultaneously. If just one loop of a lock stitch is broken, the other side will automatically be loosened, often this process of unravelling will continue until the entire product is ruined. For hand-stitched leather products, it will not unravel if one stitch is broken because of its special construction from the saddle stitch that only is achieved by hand!

Hand-stitched leather products are stronger and more durable than machine-sewn items. The process of handcrafting each item is also more eco-friendly since a smaller amount of material is used and no energy is required during production.
Hand stitching is the most time-consuming task in the leather trade, yet it’s still the best way to manufacture high-quality leather products. You see, there are no shortcuts to perfection—you can either do things right or don’t do them at all.

Our handmade leather goods are more durable and stand the test of time. Giving you over 20 years of use minimum for all our products.